Climate and Soil

  Nilgiris district is situated at an elevation of 900 to 2636 meters above MSL. Approximately 65% of the geographical area of this district lies at an altitude of above 1800-2500 meters above MSL and the remaining 35% at lower altitude. The climate is temperate to sub-tropical. The average annual rainfall ranges from 950 to 1550 mm. The topography of this district is rolling and steep. About 60% of the cultivable land falls under the slope ranging from 10 to 33%. The maximum temperature ranges from 16.6 to 28°C and the minimum temperature ranges from 0 to 9°C during the winter months of November to February. The average wind velocity is 8.8 KMPH. The source of irrigation mainly depends on the summer showers, South West and North East monsoons. Generally the soil is acidic in nature.