Non Plan

All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) – Floriculture

  Mandate Crops - Gerbera, Carnation, Liliums, Alstroemeria, Bird of paradise, Gladiolus, Orchids, foliage and fillers

  Continuous evaluation of germplasm on Carnation, Gerbera, Orchids, Lilium and Alstroemeria and fillers

  Standardization of propagation techniques and media for Lilium and Alstroemeria

All India Network project on Onion and Garlic

  Collection and maintanence of germplasm in Garlic

  Integrated nutrient management experiments in Garlic

GOI Scheme

Centrally Sponsored Scheme - Mission on Integrated Development Horticulture (MIDH) – Production of Quality planting materials of Spices

Indian Meteorological Department - Weather Based advisory Service to the Farming Community

Weather based crop advisory service is provided to the farmers twice a week

The advisories are issued on Tuesday & Friday through SMS, radio, newspapers, department of Horticulture & other channels

Preparation of Agromet advisory Bulletins twice a week and uploaded in the agrimet website & mKisan website

DST-SERB- Young scientist scheme- “Development of bioformulations from novel antagonistic actinomycetes for the management of major fungal diseases in pigeon pea”

DST - Nano Mission Scheme - Green synthesis of silver nano particles using plant extracts and their antinemic property